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Design Services

Architectural Design


Innovative thinking and a passion to transform a basic project into something special set us apart from the rest. With a high degree of skill and competency, we aim to get the job done.




The Personal Touch


No site or customer is the same. In the digital world, we live in SGB still delivers the personal touch.

Commitment standards

SGB - 5 core principles

1, Always strive to provide the highest quality technical and customer service support using industry-standard codes of ethical best practices.

2, Influence and inspire, the transformation of equality, diversity, and inclusion within the sector, particularly through digitalisation.

3, Engage and develop the next generation of civil engineers and architects ensuring we have the knowledge and resources for the challenges ahead.

4, Never work in silos, collaboration is the key to being resilient.

5, Deliver social value in everything we do.



Planning has an increased focus on sustainability, SGB ensures our customers are aware of the many changes happening in the industry, the biggest drive being the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Book a consultation with an SGB specialist and we will help you understand your carbon footprint at the design stage.

Design  - prices start from £850.


Building Control

We support and guide you throughout the building control process and our industry experts have good knowledge of the building regulations and the changes reflecting sustainability. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Building Control - prices start from £950



I have never experienced the need to understand how our construction materials impact our environment as we do now. The introduction of environmental product declarations has made it possible for us all to identify resources with high embodied carbon and find alternative products

Construction and it’s impact.

40% of global emissions,

50% of Extracted Materials,

33% of Water Consumption,

35% of waste globally

Using the latest technology SGB can assist in making the right choices for your project and our environment.


CDM Consultation, preplanning

NEC Contract Administration Consultation

LCA Sustainability Consultation

Sustainable Construction Management

Health and Safety Management Consultation

If you require one of our specialised services
Book your consultation today

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