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Training & Development

What steps must we take immediately to equip the upcoming generation for future challenges?

Welcome to SGBs Training & Development Page

SGB work with several partners to provide you with a range of alternative learning strategies that help you find opportunities of employment in construction and the built environment.


IoT Internet of things

We have a strong focus the Environmental and sustainability agenda, however our main passion is transforming equality diversity and inclusion across the industry, with have lived experience that gives us the knowledge to guide students, employees, and employers through this journey.

How does digitalisation help break down the barriers and provide quality education option for all? 


Career Change or Development 

Start your journey today. our bespoke boot-camp training provides our students with the skills they need to thrive in the industry.

Boot Camp Training 

  • CAD for Construction

  • Health & Safety 

  • Business skills for successful construction companies.

  • Estimating for profitable takeoffs


The Drone Experience

Have you ever thought about becoming a drone pilot.

With evidence showing a clear reduction in the risk of working at heights. Aside from their popular social uses, drones have become an essential part of the construction tool kit.


If you would like to find out more about how to become a drone pilot look at our three-day introductory course Giving you the basic knowledge you need to get started. We also providing you with a license at the end of the course this has been successful in creating new employment opportunities. 


Passing the courses and receiving your is subject to delegates following all the instructions set out by SGB water engineering ltd.


Water Network Operations  

Design, development,  Operational  maintenance  Training for the Water industry from industry expert's

  • Network Design 

  • Leakage NRW

  • Network Management 

  • General utilities knowledge and best practice.

  • SHEA Core 

Please make enquiries about funding options. 

CITB & IOSH courses are coming soon

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