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Preconstruction Planning

As multi-disciplined civil engineers, we have embarked upon a variety of projects and as a result, have gained a vast range of knowledge in many areas of pre-construction.


It is our passion to drive excellent management, from inception to completion of any project no matter its size or complexity.


Preforming accurate field and desk studies enable SGB to draft a range of 2D or 3D architectural/structural drawings or specialized utility plans, schematics, and cost plans


Plan Drawings

  • Extensions

  • New Builds

  • Developments

  • Loft Conversion

  • Conservatries  

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Design Services

Customers either provide the project information data or on completion of the measuring survey, the following design services are available.


  • Architectural Design

  • Structural Design

for  both general and civil engineering construction,

this enables all parties to visualize a true conceptual view, along with a process plan from the outset.


Specialized Design Services


  • Build over Plans

  • Developer Services, new installation or replacement of water supply pipes design

  • Water Network Systems (hydraulic modeling design and analysis)

  • Design of water retaining structures 

Management Services

SGB maintains an interactive IT process, to ease transparency and movement of information data, to all parties involved in any one project.


We have a combined 25 years of professional experience in civil engineering/construction management.


We are experts in water utilities management, enabling us to offer a variety of services and solutions in this area.


Water is a large part of the construction infrastructure and is of great importance to our ecosystem and the population as a whole.


Not only does SGB provide a variety of professional services, one of our core strategies in the coming future, will be to bridge the skills gap within the industry, by the introduction of the SGB Accelerating Excellence Scheme. After the successful completion of a competency qualification, candidates will have the opportunity to work alongside the best in the business as a part of their CPD.

With the ever-pressing environmental issues rising, SGB has joined the united effort to maintain sustainability using innovative design solutions and a qualified team to implement them. This subject is of high importance on the government's agenda, imitate change is needed to maintain things like water resources and reduce our carbon footprints.

SGB is also driving change regarding diversity and inclusion. We believe in, empowering the communities that we serve. giving back, with a practical focus on the elevation of the social and civil infrastructure.

Today communities building tomorrow's future…



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Water & Civils



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