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SGBs overall vision is to change the narratives of disparities in disadvantaged communities and provide social value by boosting awareness, knowledge, training, and behaviors.


The outcome would be to see incidents of knife crime and gang culture, reduced in those communities. We aim to increase wealth and sustainability, produced by way of career developments and opportunity at every level that is visible, whilst helping and encouraging corporate organisations to adopt inclusive cultures.


We support the training, knowledge, development, career pathways, and the ultimate goal of employment of the next generation of engineers, architects, and infrastructure construction professionals. This in turn will help reduce the enormous skills gap in the infrastructure construction industries UK and globally, with the drive to hit our 2030 and 2050 environmental targets (SDGs).

The majority of Baby Boomers are still in the workforce. However, Generation X now holds most of the leadership roles globally. Generation Y is now the largest in the workforce, while Generation Z is the newest entrants. These generations have different levels of tech-savvy. Looking at the market through the generational lens will help understand the best way to implement tech driven development.

Your Business helps support the next generation.

Today communities building tomorrow's future…



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Water & Civils

Property Services

RICS surveys are essentially property health checks. They are detailed inspections that check a property’s condition and structure. If you are buying a home, you can choose between 3 levels of survey: a Full Building Survey (also known as a Level 3, or ‘Full Structural’ survey) a HomeBuyer Survey (Level 2), or a Condition Survey (Level 1).

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Book Your Drone Survey Today

How is technology and  IoT helping industries

shape new and safer ways of doing things?

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Our Design & Management  Services

Preconstruction Planning

As multi-disciplined civil engineers, we have embarked upon a variety of projects and as a result, have gained a vast range of knowledge in many areas of pre-construction.


It is our passion to drive excellent management, from inception to completion of any project no matter its size or complexity.


Performing accurate field and desk studies enables SGB to draft a range of 2D or 3D architectural/structural drawings or specialised utility plans, schematics, and cost plans


Pre-Planning Services.

  • Property services

  • Surveys and Drone services

  • LCA Sustainability Consultation management

  • Health and safety management consultation

  • CDM Consultation

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Design Services

Customers either provide the project information data or upon completion of the measuring survey, the following design services are available.


  • Architectural Design

  • Structural Design

for  both general and civil engineering construction,

this enables all parties to visualize a true conceptual view, along with a process plan from the outset.


 Design Services


  • Planning & Building Control

  • Build over Plans

  • Design of water-retaining structures

  • Structural Beam Design 

  • Extensions

  • New Builds

  • Developments

  • Loft Conversion

  • Conservatories 

Management Services

SGB maintains an interactive IT process, to ease transparency and movement of information data, to all parties involved in any one project.


We have a combined 35 years of professional experience in civil engineering/construction management, 

We are experts in water utilities management, enabling us to offer a variety of services and solutions in this area.


Water is a large part of the construction infrastructure and is of great importance to our ecosystem and the population as a whole.

Infrustructure Services

  • Property Development 

  • Developer Services,

  • New installation or replacement of water supply pipes

  • Water Network Systems (hydraulic modeling design and analysis)

  • Pipeline Design 

  • NEC Contracts Management


Meet the CEO

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Why is water so important to me?


My name is Phil Barnaby, MICE, IStructE, RICS, LCA Specialist.

I have worked in the construction and infrastructure sector for many years. I specialised in water for a lot of that time and have first-hand experience with how the construction sector impacts our environment via its programmed activities.

Water is present in one way, shape, or form and is in 90% of infrastructure/construction processes. Out of my many achievements, one of the highlights is being part of the Mayor of London Infrastructure Advisory Panel (IAP) this along with my life cycle assessment expertise allows me to educate my peers, staff, customers, and communities, SGB lives by its Commitment Stadantd and our 5 core principles. 

Commitment standards

SGB - 5 core principles

1, Always strive to provide the highest quality technical and customer service support using industry-standard codes of ethical best practices.

2, Influence and inspire, the transformation of equality, diversity, and inclusion within the sector, particularly through digitalisation.

3, Engage and develop the next generation of civil engineers and architects ensuring we have the knowledge and resources for the challenges ahead.

4, Never work in silos, collaboration is the key to being resilient.

5, Deliver social value in everything we do.

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Meet The CEO


Design Services


Training & Development

Civil Infrastructure

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Project Types





For any enquiries, questions, commendations, or support please call: 03333055912 or fill out the following form

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Head Office

20-22 Wenlock Road

London, N1 7GU

Tel: 03333055912


To apply for a job with SGB, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Get a quote: 03333055912
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